footnote disambiguation

I’m trying to set up a template for the Monumenta Nipponical journal style ( but have encountered difficulties disambiguating footnote references. 

When there are two works for the same author in the same year I would like the footnote reference to read, for example. “Sugimoto 1990a” or “Sugimoto 1990b”.  There seems to be an option for this with in-text citations but the only disambiguation I can find for footnotes is a check box for including the title in ambiguous cases.  This option does not match the Monumenta Nipponica citation style (and in any case I can’t seem  to get it to work).

Does any one have any suggestions for resolving this problem?

Many thanks in advance.

Can you attach your current style? 

In reviewing the style, have you tried to use the footnote option “Same as citations” rather than the footnote format? This allows you to use the ambiguous settings there?  So, in the citation template, you would have either

Author, Year|,*Cited Pages|.  (where the * is the Link adjacent symbol inserted from the “insert field” drop-down)

or just

Author, Year

and then you can type what ever distinguishing vol/page number information you wish to be in the footnote in the suffix edit citation option, including punctuation and spacing, or just add that text to the footnote itself after the endnote field? 

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Wonderful! This seems to have solved the problem.

Thank you.