Footnote Numbering

How do you set the Footnote insert number so it is small?. Mine are the same size as the letters. I want to have it appear as a small “1” above the last letter when I insert a Footnote…like a square root symbol. How do you do this? Have searched everywhere for info, but can’t find out how as I don’t even know what it is called.

I am working in Endnote 3 on a Mac with Word 2008 for Mac Version 12.2.6

Thanks for any help

It seems somehow that your Footnote Style in Word was altered. If you have no other
customizations in Word, you may just want to find and rename your
file, which should set it back to… normal.

You might check this book page, (linked edited to correct) which describes in some detail how to change the footnote number but it is for MSWord 2003, and I am not sure if all the setting menus are the same in Word2008 for the Mac.