I have a strange issue.

A reference in one document comes out as I want (in a fn):


Ashfield and De Bolla, eds. (1996)

In another document (using the same output style)  it looks like this:


Ashfield and De Bolla, ed.^eds. (1996) 

Same ref. I even copied it from A to B and updated the bibl. in B to see if it would stick; it reverted to B again.

The fn style specifies this:

Editor, ed.^eds.| (Year)

I should add that in the B document, another occurrence of this reference comes out looking as it does in A. This is in the previous Section of a word doc. and if I add it in the same earlier section, the ref. comes out right too. But in later sections it does not. So there is something going on with Sections, but I don’t know what. 

Is there an easy explanation?

Thanks in advance.

Is there a difference in position?  – is one the first time cited and the second a subsequent time cited in the document?  Can you attach the output style you are using to the message?  

Not a matter of position; anything in that section (the first) works. I sent you the style on the other thread. I’m also going to unformat and reformat the document (alas, 800 page book!) tx

I figured this out, I had to insert a non-breaking space. Thx.

Sorry, I got side tracked with my work and my volunteering with!