Footnotes in very weird order

Hello dear Endnote community,

i have a problem with the Endnote footnotes ( I use Windows Vista, Open Office 3.1, EndnoteX3, Chicago 15th Footnote Output Style):

I have written my text now and had done all footnotes manually, now i wanted to replace them with the CWYW function. At first it worked okay, but as i was not doing it sequentially, suddenly i got footnotes displaying in the “short” form or even with “ibid.”, when it shouldn’t. I even got a “ibid.” footnote as the very first footnote in my text. Additionally, sometimes i have footnotes with no Reference in it, but just some text. Endnote seems to ignore them altoghter, too ( So it looks like 1.Reference 2. Text. 3. Ibid.)

What has to be done, so that Endnote knows where it is? It seems Endnote is confused about where in the text it is (I thought Endnote will figure it out by the number of the footnote, but obviously this is not the case).

I would be happy if someone could help me out, i really love the program but this is driving me insane :slight_smile: