format for aquaculture journal

I am having a problem when using aquculture format. I will some references in the text with more than two others authors.

Any ideas?

I am not sure we forum members understand the problem?  Maybe an example would help?


I copied an example.I put in bold the section where all the authors are listed where in fact but it should be Johnson, et al, 1996. However for some references Endnote will not applied the correct format .

Centromere maps have also been reported for bivalves,( Johnson, et al., 1995; Johnson, Gates, Johnson, Talbot, Horne, Baik, Rude, Wong, Postlethwait, 1996 ; Mohideen, et al., 2000; Sato, et al., 2001).

I hope this help to understand my problem.


“Out of the box” EndnoteX’s Aquaculture journal style says that the Author Lists should list all Author names - as First Appearance and subsequent appearances which sounds pretty weird to me and is not what the Journal’s instructions to authors says it should be!  - so if you already changed it to the more common, 3 or more, list one, then you might just have to unformat and reformat.  Make sure you also change both the first appearance and the subsequent appearances section of citation when you edit the style.    Don’t change the bibliography section, which should show all authors.