full citation end notes output style?

I want to use an output style that creates full citation endnotes, with no bibliography and no reference list. This is what the journal Global Governance asks for, but they do not seem to have an endnote package to download. I can’t figure out any output style to use that will get me full citation endnotes - which seems ridiculous in a program called “endnotes.” Maybe I am doing something wrong? Even when I try to use chicago style it produces in text parenthetical citations instead of footnotes or endnotes. 

Ack, I figured out part of my trouble. I was not actually changing the output style (was trying to change it in endnote program, not through the document itself). But, now I actually am using Chicago 16th but when I add a citation it is dropping it into a bibliography, not giving me footnotes or endnotes…what in the world am I doing wrong? 

You have to insert the footnote using Word’s insert footnote tools and then insert your citation in the created foodnote. 

Hi, may I ask how did you solve the problem with Global Governance citations? Is there any simple way how to do that via Endnote?

You need to find a Footnote only style.  

If you are using footnote styles, your word processor controls the numbering and placement of the footnote and EndNote controls the formatting. So you will first need to insert the footnote using your word processor, then insert the EndNote citation into that footnote.

I looked up Global Governance and they don’t provide much saying how they want the footnotes constructed.  In that case, I would probably suggest you start with Chicago Style 16th A and remove the “include citations in bibliography” tick box in the Footnote templates.  There are other options there about how repeated citations in footnotes are handled.  See if this one works.  (attached edited Chicago 16th footnote style).  
Chicago 16th Footnote no-blibliography.ens (81.3 KB)