Fulltext hyperlinks in Word through X4 library?


is it possible to include fulltext pdf hyperlinks in Word bibliography through Endnote X4?



If the pdfs are accessible via a URL link you could modify the EndNote output style to include the URL field which would then appear as an active link in the bibliography (MS Word).  For one how-to example (based on the Journal Article reference type) read here

One caveat: Using links which connect to a web-based pdfs may present problems later on if the material is relocated which results in broken links.  Another problem is if the URL links back to a site that requires a subscription/password to access.  So if these present issues for you, an alternative posed by some style formats is to have the URL link to the website page (not pdf).

I meant pdfs which are already downloaded in a local repository e.g. through relative linking in X4 library - how to get these pdfs associated and linked to in the Word references?



The location of a pdf stored in an EndNote library reference as a relative link is identified by it’s pathway which may be added to an EndNote reference field.  The path may then be “activated” to hyperlink to the pdf’s location within the EndNote .Data PDF folder by prefacing the path location with [file:\](file:///\)  like this:

[file:\\C:\Users\User](file:///\\C:\Users\User) Name\Documents\EndNoteLibrary.Data\PDF\Marcoulides1993-0124483840\Marcoulides1993.pdf

Clicking on this link within an EndNote reference will open the pdf. However, when EndNote (X4) generates the path location in Word 2010 (after creating a custom field “File Path” and modifying the EndNote style template to incorporate the field), it seems the path in MS Word is a dead link - so the pdf cannot be opened.

A workaround might be to use Word (not EndNote)  to create a hyperlink based on the pdf’s path location within EndNote’s .Data “PDF” folder. This will enable opening the pdf itself.  However,consider that  each pdf path’s would need to  identified and linked in Word so it could take awhile depending upon the number of pdfs involved.  Also, the pdfs location can never be changed otherwise the corresponding hyperlinks in MS Word will be broken.

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I suspect you have to ensure that there are no “spaces” in the folder names or file names, or else the links break at any space (as in your example where it breaks between User and Name).  .

Quite true. Spaces in path names  should be replaced with: %20

However if MS Word is used to hyperlink the document with the pdf(s), linking the two is achieved by browsing and selecting the pdf .  No path names are involved.