Get back to original style before changes

I am using EndNote X7 and Turabian style.

While I was trying to experiment with the settings, I changed and saved over the original Turabian style in EndNote.

I have tried to get the original setting back by deleting the style from the default folder and redownloading the style.

I also tried Edit > Preferences > EndNote Defaults at bottom of box.

I even tried reinstalling the software.

But the changed settings are still there.

Is there any way to get back to the original style before the changes?


You probably have two copies of the turbian style with exactly the same name in two places.  One in your user folder and one in the C: drive location (assuming you are using a PC).  You can search for them and rename the one in your user home/endnote/styles folder to indicate the edited version.  

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Yes, I deleted them and redownloaded afresh. It solved the problem.

Thank you very much.