getting proper file type when exporting from EndNote into an 'Endnote Export'

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If I want to export an Endnote Export file, it would be nice if I could choice the proper file.type from the ‘Save as type’ menu. Now I have to know it (.enw) and add it to the ‘File Name’… Do people know if another way.


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What are you trying to do - make a copy of your EndNote library or export it in a different file format (i.e., .txt, .rtf, .html, .xml)? If the former, you could “Save a Copy” of the library (go to the toolbar, select FILE, SAVE A COPY). If the latter, go to the toolbar, select FILE, EXPORT, and in the “Export file name” pop-up dialog window, locate the “Save as type” option then select one of the file formats (i.e., .txt, .rtf, .html, .xml).

In both situations, the EndNote library should be “open” when trying to either save a copy or save it as a different file format.

You could submit your suggestion to the Product Suggestion section on the community forum:

Hello, I try to export it as an ‘EndNote export’  type, which should have the file type “enw”, but the export dialogue does not provide this type in its pulldown menu.

So I have to add it to the file name.

It is a pity that this export dialogue does not support  ‘Any file’ or ‘enw’ types, as now it is difficult to see the existing enw files. These enw files are for instance used by Google books.

I think what I am asking is more a feature request (or perhaps even a small bug).  I will post it to the link you provided.


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