Getting “UserStoreAuthenticate Requires HTTPS” error

Has anyone gotten “UserStoreAuthenticate Requires HTTPS” error? One of our EndNote trainers says she was working with a class and got this error.

Update: Additional information from our EndNote trainer.

The “UserStoreAuthenticate Requires HTTPS” error was for both Macs and PCs. The entire class, including myself, was getting the error when we were setting up the “Sync” settings to sync with EndNote Online. I think the error was with EndNote Online because none of us (myself included) could even log onto the EndNote Online site nor could we get our desktop EndNote to sync with our accounts. I had mine all working/syncing the other day, so I think this might be a problem with EndNote today. Everyone could get EndNote download, bring in RIS files, and then set up their bibliographies/parenthetical citations in Word.

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My team and I have the same error. I’ve Googled it and have only found your message. I am still able to access our reference library and pull references through in Word.

The error code I get is “Server.AuthenticationToken.sslRequired” along with the error message “UserStoreauthenticate requires https”.

We were experiencing EndNote online access issues and we apologize for the inconvenience. All issues have been resolved and you should be able to access EndNote online at this time.


I was experiencing the same problem and can report that it was indeed resolved: sync restarted without further issue.