Group ID Greyed out in Online Search

When I try to do an online search in Endnote the Group ID box in the Remote Password prompt is greyed out and I cannot enter my Campuses Group ID. Hasa anyone had a similar problem and how did you resolve it? 

Thanks in advance.


You might contact your school’s network administrator about the situation in the event something’s “buggy” at their end. Also, to rule-out possible connectivity issues for your ISP and the online database, suggest you check that your ISP (or wireless router) is working properly then re-attempt connecting to the online database at different times - you can also provide this info to your network administrator to help pinpoint the problem.

Thanks for the response and the directions. As far as I know, my wireless router works fine. In any case, I wouldn’t even know where to begin to seek a solution for equipment that appears to be working perfectly. 

From your response, I am deducing that this is an unusual problem and not typical in endnote normal usage.

I have sent an email to support regarding this and I will post it to this forum if a solution is reached.

Thank you.