Groupset-group-subgroups ; article # ; DOI as search parameter ; Find Reference Update with same option to all ; Find Full Text with photo selection


a) I’m trying to create an architecture of folder of the following type:

1- Device

11- Solar cells

111- Organic

1111- P3HT

1112- …

111- Inorganic


The issue is that I only see Create Group Set and Create Group but not create Sub-Group.

Am I missing something and if not would it be possible to add this feature ?

b) publications such as Applied physics letters have replaced a page number by an article number. However End-notes does not allow us to define the reference format along the line of “indicate page number and if page number is empty then indicate the article number”. It is one field or the other for all the reference.

Am I missing something and if not would it be possible to either add this feature or automatically copy the content of one of the field into the other if it turns out that one is empty ?

An automatic fill up of the “1st page” field from the “pages” field would be welcome.

c) DOI is omnipresent, maybe too much, in End-Notes 7 but if I want to search across my library then this is one of the very few parameters I cannot use as a search parameter… Would it be possible to add this feature ?

d) “find reference update” offer 2 options of “up-date all” and “update empty field”, when I run it is often because I’m loading 20-30 new references in my library but for each reference I need to select one option and save… very often I  “up-date all” I would save a lot of clicks and time if I could tick a box such as “apply this option and save automatically for the remaining selection”.

e) Journals such as (http://) or request a “select the Einstein photo” identification to allow us to access a pdf; this prevent End-Notes to collect “find full text” ; is there a way around it ? In my internet browser, once I have selected “Einstein” for one publication, I can access a few other publications (I did not try to see for how long before a new “Einstein” picture is requested) but would it be a partial way to allow the following pdf to be collected with End-Notes?

Many Thanks & Best Wishes