Handling graphical abstracts

I am beginning to encounter journals whose article abstracts include both text and graphics. The graphics are important to understanding the abstract.  I welcome suggestions on how this might be handled within EndNote.

Interesting query and just tossing out some ideas which rely on having an electronic version of the article.

The easiest and quickest resolution might be to save a pdf of the article to the corresponding EndNote reference - but the drawback is this method will limit the search capability of EndNote as searches rely on text. So incorporating the abstract’s text within the EndNote reference will be helpful.

It doesn’t seem that the individual fields within EndNote allow for having both an image and text so you could use two different fields (Abstract, Figure or File Attachment) to accommodate the two formats.  If you happen to have an electronic copy the article you could in turn use a graphics-based program to “cut-out” the relevant images, save them using a sequential numbering system (e.g., Image1, image2, Image3, etc.), then save them to the EndNote “Figure” or “File Attachment” field.  In the “Abstract” field you could include the text and reference the corresponding image (e.g., “See image1”).  A less onerous approach might be to preface the abstract text with a note that the original abstract includes both text and graphics so refer to the figure or pdf for full disclosure.

Hi - When downloading citations with graphical abstracts from the American Chemical Society journals, I advise my users to:

1. Use the ACS download (RIS) process to open Endnote and create the Endnote record

2. Right-mouse-click (Windows) on the graphic image on the journal site to copy the image to clipboard 

3.  Paste the copied image in the “File Attachments” field of the new Endnote record.