[HELP] incrementation problem : too much references !

Hello !

I have a problem using EndNotes. I wrote a report with many references dating 2009 and EndNote increment them like that :

Mister X, 2009a

Miss Y, 2009b

Mister X, 2009z.

When all the letters are used for the incrementation, EndNote use special letters like :

Mister Z, 2009{

Miss W, 2009|

But when all special letters are all used, EndNotes stops incrementing, so I have about 10 references which have the same name, as :

Mister T, 2009

Mister U, 2009

Mister V, 2009

Mister T, 2009

So do you how to specify to EndNote to continue incrementation, like for example :

Mister T, 2009a

Mister U, 2009b

Mister V, 2009g

Mister T, 2009d

or something else ?

Thank you in advance for you help !

Laulec (from France)

And why are you incrementing them, when they aren’t ambiguous?  Can you provide the instructions for this kind of style?  Is it possible that the “blocks” are characters your font can’t handle?  This is often the way “unknown” characters are displayed in word processors. 

First, thank you for your answer. 

In fact, I increment because all references have the same name (the exemple I have was not very appropriate).

To be more precise, I have approximatevely 100 reference which are :

My_Company, 2009a

My_Company, 2009b

My_Company, 2009z

My_Company, 2009{

My_Company, 2009}

My_Company, 2009

My_Company, 2009

My_Company, 2009

My_Company, 2009

My_Company, 2009

My_Company, 2009

My_Company, 2009

My_Company, 2009

So, how can I move “” into something else as “aa, ab, ac, ad…” or greec letter or double letter (aa, bb,cc…or ab, ac…) 


I am not sure that this is possible, but you might contact the tech support people directly about this facility.  I don’t think the YEARa,b,c option was designed for this large a number of papers in a single year.  If you have any leeway, I would use a numbered scheme rather than the author, year format for this kind of application.