Help Printing My Filmography

I have a long filmography list–about 107 films. I’m trying to export the library from Endnote to Word. Traditionally when I want to export a bibliography to Word, I just select everthing I want to go in the Bibliograpgy and then copy-and-paste it to Word formatted. I’m having problems with my filmography because it needs to be sorted by film–not by director.  I tried going into Tools in Endnote and changing the Sort Library options so that it’s only sorted by title, but everytime I copy-and-paste my filmography to Word, the list of movies is not listed alphabetically by movie title. I don’t know how excatly it’s outputing the list in Word. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?  In Endnote, the list of films is sorted the way it needs to be. It’s just when I try to put copy-and-paste this list to Word that everything comes out sorted weird.