How can I change parentheses position

Hello there

 Sometimes I need to have different mehtods of using the parentheses position. For example:

In a paragraph 1 :



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( Author, 2012).

in paragraph 2

Author (2012) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxx



how can I chage the parentheses position in paragraphs with same style I have choosen? Can I do this in Endnote?

Thank you.

In current versions of endnote, you accomplish the switch from (Author, Year) to Author (year) via the edit citation (right click in the formatted citation, for the latter). 

which version?  EndNote X5?

Yes, the option is there in endnoteX5 and X6.  Not for X4 or previous versions.  For earlier versions, there is a discussion in lots of threads,this onebeing the first one I came upon. 

I have update my endnote x4 to x5 and I have solved my problem. 

Thank you so much. your answering was  a very helpful for me.