How can I separate each reference individually after the insert multiple references

After I insert multiple references, I have the following: (Khuntia et al., 2017; Khuntia et al., 2020; Klisarova-Belcheva & Ilieva, 2017; Kopf & Homocianu, 2016). But I want it each reference as individual reference: like this  (Khuntia et al., 2017) (Khuntia et al., 2020) (Klisarova-Belcheva & Ilieva, 2017) (Kopf & Homocianu, 2016). How can I do it? Thanks.

why? but to each their own.  When you put them in, add them one at a time and make sure there is a space between them.  

Different user but same question. I already have several 100 references added, is there a way to seperate them post hoc so I don’t need to re-add them all?

You can convert “citations and bibliography to unformatted citations” search for ; and replace with }<space>{ and update (the character space not the word).  You will need to make sure or skip any semicolons outside citations.