How can I use the Change Case Preferences to input much items conveniently.

Dear all,

I use the “Headline style capitalization” for the references titles, while I have much items, such as special acronyms, proper nouns and so on, in these titles, all of these words should be left as they are.

If I use the default method to solve the above issue, i.e.,  add all of these words to the Change Case Preferences list one-by-one manually, it is a drudgery.   So I want to know is there any other more efficient methods to do this thing?


Hongsheng Zhao

Still manual, but… 

at least for EndnoteX2 (and many earlier versions) and Windows XP.    

A file with  a list of the “terms” is located in the Application Data folder of Documents and Settings  for the user – Endnote (on my machine -C:\Documents and Settings\lmw\Application Data\EndNote)  entitled ENCase.txt.  You can very carefully add the terms you wish to have ignored, with a text editing program - and save as “text only”.  Once it is opened and  closed by Endnote, it will end up alphabetized, but you don’t need to enter them that way. 

If a search of the Program Folder contents doesn’t reveal the existance of this file name, you probably need to unhide the contents of the folders. 

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Thanks a lot, I’ve got it.



I’ve written a autohotkey script to solve this drudgery job.  Then I use some *nix/linux tools, i.e., sort and uniq to delete the possiable dupl9icates in that file.   Finally, I can only do the following steps to add a term into this file:

1-  Copy the term into clipborad,

2- Use the Win-a shortcut to do the jobs in-one-click.

If someone want to use it, please contact me direactly.