How do I remove 'Print.' from my digital book citation?

How do I remove ‘Print.’ from my digital book citation?

It looks like this:

McCormack, Jon. “Creative Ecosystems.” Computers and Creativity. Eds. d’Inverno, Mark and SpringerLink: Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 2012. 59-60. Print.

This is defined in the output style you are using, which can be edited to remove the word and saved as a new output style and then changed in the word document.  

EndNote has a powerful built-in style editor that will allow you to match style requirements and they have created a guide to the Style editing tool.   

Download it from here:

Which Style  are you using?  I can also help edit it to remove the word print and reattach it to a reply.  

Thanks I will give it a go.

I am using MLA style.

I changed the author handling as requested in the other post and removed all instances of Print from the templates in the bibliography in the attached output style.  open it (it should open in endnote, and “save” it.  (or if save isn’t an option, save as).  Then you will need to view all styles in Word and replace the output style on the endnote ribbon with this one.  Do not save as to the same name – or endnote will not know which version to use, as the original set and the downloaded or edited set are saved in two different places.  

MLA no print.ens (44.8 KB)