How do I show a complete reference where the citation actually is--not in an endnote?

I’m trying to show a complete reference in the very spot where I’ve got the citation.

So for example, I have the annotation {Rogowsky, 2015 #5095} in the middle of my text.  If I use, for example, APA 6th, it will place “(Rogowsky, Calhoun, & Tallal, 2015)” in place of the annotation.  At the end of the document, it places the full citation: Rogowsky, BA, et al. “Matching learning style to instructional method: Effects on comprehension.” Journal of Educational Psychology 107, 1 (2015): 64-78.

What I’m trying to do is place the full citation in place of the annotation in the body of the text, rather than at the endnote.  

Does anyone have any thoughts about how to do that?  (It’s probably something simple I’ve overlooked!)

Thank you in advance for any help!


All of the “citations”?  or just one?  

For all, creates a problem as every reference type uses the exact same template, so you can’t mimic the various templates in the bibliography.  Why do you want to do this?  

One alternative would be to ctrl+K on the record you want to cite, and ctrl+V to paste it into the text. You could even adapt the output style to include parentheses around the citation. This is permanent and would not be adjustable later.