How show 'Country' field from 'Statute' ref type in Library window?

I am using the Statute field for legislation references and using the ‘Country’ field for the relevant jurisdiction. I need to display that filed in the Library window so I can differentiate between statutes from different jurisdictions with the same name. However, ‘Country’ does not appear in the list of possible display fields in the library view preferences.

Can anyone help?


What style are you using?

BTW, is “Statute” and “Country” fields you’ve renamed or added to the reference template?  If so, did you try selecting the original field name (aka the Generic field) as the library display field?  It may be a case selecting the original/generic field name corresponding to the changed field (e.g., Statute, Country) which enable viewing them in the library.

Its a custom style made to adhere to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. Statute appeared in the list of reference types but I had to define it in the templates. Country appeared as a default field in the statute ref type.

The “Statute” reference type (or “record”)  shows the generic field for “Country” is “Place Published” (see image). 

Go back to the “Display Fields” and for whatever column you want to display the country information, click the pull-down menu and select: Place Published. Click OK.