How to add citations in footnotes to biography?

Hello All,

I insert citations in some of the footnotes, like this:


The Western definition based on solstice to equinox is more frequently used where a temperature lag of up to half a season is common.[5]


[5]: See , Ball (1900) , for example. 


I insert the citation -Ball (1900) - from the endnote library. But this does not show up in the biography  in the end of the article. How can I make the reference of citation in footnotes to also show in the biography?

Thank you!


You don’t say which style you are using.  You would need to use a style that also includes the refs in the bibliiography.  If you Edit the reference style you are using

Edit, Output Style, edit “style you are using”

got to Footnotes section, templates and at the top, there is a box to check “Include citation sin bibliography”.  Save AS to a new name.

then in your word processing program with that manuscript open, change the output style to use this new style name.  after adding another ref, or manually reformating the document (format bibliography), the ref should appear in the bibliography. 

Hello Leanne,

Thank you for your help! Yesterday I selected the footnote template “include citation in bioggraphy” (initially it is not selected), but it did not change what in word file. After reading your post, I checked this again, and glad to find this worked very well now. Thank you!