How to choose an appropriate filter

May I have a query that how I could choose an appropriate filter when I like to input a reference in .txt format, for example:

Yu, K. 2002 ‘Toward an incremental democracy and governance: Chinese theories and assessment criteria’, New Political Science 24(2): 181-99.

I tried several times to put it into my library , but no responding at all after I click on ‘import’ icon. I reckon it is because I inappropriately choose one of the items ‘import option’ , ‘duplicates’ or ‘text translation’ in the dialogue box , could anyone please give me a guidance? Thank you so much.

If the example you give is the txt file, I am not sure you will be able to import it directly.  You are much better to export it in a tagged format from your database providers.

See the help file, in particular the “Filters: choosing the correct one”:  In particular these

Comparing a Filter to a Data File

If you are uncertain whether a filter matches a data file that you have downloaded, you can compare the format from your downloaded data file to a filter. To do so, select a filter in the Filter Manager, and click the Edit button. When the Filter window opens, select the Templates option in the list at the left of the window to display the tags recognized by that filter.

The tags and templates in the filter should match the data in the file you want to import. See “The Basic Componants of a filter” for information about editing filters.