How to cite a position statement

Hi all,

I was struggling to cite a position statement as recommended by the journal.

Please, could anyone tell me how I can something similar to the below citation and bibliography in endnote

Citation (European Society of Endodontology 2014) bibliography 

Bibliography (European Society of Endodontology developed by: Patel S, Durack C, Abella F, Roig M, Shemesh H,Lambrechts P, Lemberg K. European Society of Endodontology position statement: The use of CBCT in Endodontics. International Endodontic Journal, 47, 502–504, 2014.)

Thank you


I am assuming that the bibliography entry is not meant to be parenthetical too?  Is this a one off or apply to a number of citation/records?  These steps are more detailed in 

The complex way is that you need to create a customized new ref type to generate that output in the bibliography, which could include the text “European Society of Endodontology,” (with the comma at the end) in the primary author field, as the Society (how I would set up the reference type), and the other “authors” in the secondary authors field (which I would call “Developers” in the reference type).  This ref type is probably very similar to the  journal template, but the primary author field would hold the society name, and one would use the secondary author field to hold the developers’ names.  After setting up the ref type, you could copy the journal template to the added template for the new ref type (which you can leave as “Unused 1” or rename to something memorable for you).  Then edit it to add back the text "developed by: and insert the Developers field and punctuation (and separate characters). 

|Society developed by: |Developers |. Title. | Volume|, Pages|, Year|.

then  the citation would be (European Society of Endodontology 2014) assuming  (Author Year) without a comma is the citation template.  Since (Author, Year) is more common, it would also have the comma.  

The short  answer (if it is only one time) is to fix it all before submission!