How to Correct Citation Sort Order to be "As appears"

My first citation is 3 instead of 1 and this trend continues through the document. I have my output style to ACS and have my sort order for biblio. set to as appears. I have tried updating citations and bibliography in word to no avail. I would appreciate any assistance you could provide.

Endnote X8  on Mac   Word 2017 15.31

I have read the FAQ suggesting the use of frames. I added the developer ribon, but the frames are not compatible with the formatting. I also do not have any citations inside comments.

Not sure why the suggested developer trick won’t work with your formatting but is this what you tried?  (, but I haven’t tried this lately (but need to know, because it is the trick I advise my PhD candidates to use when constructing their thesis!) Another alternative is to use a Table rather than a textbox. 

One cheat way to get around this is to put the citation in text near, but outside your frame and hide it (either as hidden text, my preference, or with Endnote’s list in bibliography only which means it is completely hidden, and inside the frame, just type in the number that it should be.  This is less than satifactory (as you need to check these before submission) but avoids your having to recreate the “frame” with something that Word doesn’t look at first.  

I called support and it turns out one of the citations was inside a text box and that was causing all the issues…

I also realized that you simply put all the text inside the fram with the citation and then you don’t have to bother with the formatting.