How to customize authors' initials

OK, there is a neuropsychologist & author named Kerry de Sandoz Hamsher. Based on what he has on his web site, the correct abbreviation for his name is either K. de S. Hamsher or K. deS. Hamsher. Either way, I don’t see how to enter it in APA6 format in EndNote X7. Is there some way to specify what the format is of a specific name for a given style? Or some way to specify how a certain name is abbreviated in general?

Note: K. D. Hamsher is wrong, and so is K. D. S. Hamsher. I’m not sure about K. S. Hamsher, but I think it’s wrong too.

I’m lazy, so I’m probably just going to go with K. Hamsher, but it would be nice if there were some non-lazy, non-kludgy way to do it correctly. Is there?

It seems to work if you enter the name as

Hamsher, K. de S.

Note that what comes after the double commas is exactly what will appear in the references (so if you enter the name with full forenames, that’s how it will come out in the reference, which is of course non-APA).



But that’s not really a complete solution, in that if I wanted the full names to show up in another style, I’d have edit the reference. However, I wasn’t aware of the double comma workaround, it looks like a useful trick; I think I’ll use it in my current manuscript.

Actually, it occurs to me that there is an even more fiendish workaround: I could simply have multiple copies of the reference in my database, for each different style I needed to use! For APA, I could use your trick, for another style in which I wanted the full name, or just the first initial, I would make a duplicate references accordingly. In APA documents, I’d cite the APA version of the reference, in full-name documents, I’d cite the full name reference.

Obviously, this would make it impossible to change the reference formats just by changing the EndNote style, so while it is definitely more fiendish, it still wouldn’t be a complete solution. (A complete solution would probably involve an extension of the name list concept, or of name field syntax, to include problem cases like this one.)