How to enter a pen-name

An author I am trying to reference has an alternative name that he went by when writing books (as opposed to composing music, where he used his real name). Can’t work out how to do it. Real name is Boris V. Asaf’ev, pen-name is Igor Glebov. The book where I found him put Igor Glebov in brackets in the footnote, but I can’t work out how to make Endnote understand. It just mixes up everything. I’ve tried a.k.a. as well, doesn’t work. Either the bibliography looks odd or the footnote does, or both. Any advice would be much appreciated! Chicago 17th Footnote is the style I use. Thanks.

The ideal solution is to find a field to put the pen name in in the ref type, name that field as “penname” (edit preferences, ref type, modify, select that ref type, type penname in an unused author fieldor if translator is there and you never use that - change that to penname).  save, Then go into the output style and footnote template for that ref type and add after the author field, 


(where the * is actually “link adjacent” – 

save (if something you already edited) or save as (if it is an “installed” style) and make sure you are using that file name in the document’s endnote ribbon.  

Before entering a pen-name you must ensure to follow these points:

  1. Choosing Your Pen Name
  2. Registering Your Copyright
  3. Registering Your Trademark