How to make EndNote to remember the last read page of the pdf?

Actually, that is the question to both desktop and iPad version. I often read large pdfs (1,700 pages or even more). And I just don’t get how to make EndNote to remember the last page I read. I cannot find any bookmark command or something similar. It is very inconvenient to manually search the last read place… 

I don’t believe this is a feature of Endnote.  It really isn’t meant to be a “kindle” like experience for reading PDFs.

I realize that this is an old post.  One way around this is to use another app to open the PDF files.  On the Mac, the Preview app will allow for annotation and will open the PDF to the last page read.  it will also save the PDF back to Endnote with the annotations intact.  I’m not familiar enough with Windows to know the details, but Adobe may be able to do the same thing.