How to make endnote X2 appear in openoffice toolbar?


May i know if it is possible to use endnote x2 in openoffice?

It does not appear in my openoffice toolbar, so what should i do? Thanks.

I don’t think X2 had the OpenOffice add-in.  It appeared in X3.  You can format .odt papers though.  Check the manual here:

RTF and ODT Documents:
For word processors other than Word, first write your paper and
insert in-text citations. If the file format is anything other than an
ODT document, save as an RTF file. Then, use EndNote’s Format
Paper feature to format the citations and bibliography from your
ODT or RTF file. See Chapter 12 for details.

Leanne is correct here. The tools for the Writer were first made available with EndNote X3. See the “Windows Word Processor Compatibility” chart here: