How to modify the default template for online search (e.g. PubMed (NLM))

Dear everyone:

I’m running EndNote X4 on Windows 7 and wondering if there is any way to modify the default template when using the “Online Search”, specifically the PubMed (NLM) template.

The default template for PubMed (NLM) shows 3 search fields (from to to bottom, Author, Year and Title).  Is it possible to add the 4 th field (e.g PMID) at the bottom by the program itself each time it’s run?  And, is it possible to modify the template’s default boolean connectors on the left (by default, there are all "AND"s connecting the search fields)? 

Many thanks in advance for your kind reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. You simply need to change the number of rows and Boolean operators to your desired choices and then use the “Set Default” option from the “Options” button on the Search panel - see the attached screen shot.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


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Many thanks for the hint.  Obviously, I had overlooked that option myself. :wink: