How to restore everything from the harddrive of my old machine for X1


Seems my HP notebook decided it was time to die a motherboard death. I have the Harddrive with everything in tact on it and am awaiting shipment of a Thinkpad. I was wondering how I got about totally restoring EN X1. Are there reg keys I need to copy or is everything stored in the EN folders? This might be listed in the help file under backup, but I don’t have a machine with it installed to check. Thanx for your help.

A lot is in the EN folders, but some are in the C:\documents and settings\username\application data\endnote folders like reftypetable.xml (modified Reference types) and, ENcase.txt (your don’t change my “case” words). Other things to rescue would include any styles you may have modified (and connection or import files) from the Endnote program folder (for X1 anyway).  I think the registry stuff is stuff that will be installed when you install the program. 

Hi Leanne,

I’ll give that a shot. Thanx a ton.