How to start using a different library for a manuscript?

What is the best way to switch permanently to a different library for a manuscript?

What I have been doing is to open the new library only, open the document in Word/CWYW, and move one reference to the new library (‘update from my library”). This triggers an update of all citations, so they are all converted to“ traveling library” (except the one I just modified, of course). I then export the traveling library to the new library. What I’d like to do at that point is to have all of the traveling library references in the manuscript modified globally so that their source becomes the new library to which I’ve just exported them. Instead, I have to go through each reference and “update from my library”, which is very time consuming.

Is there some way to do a global traveling_library -> new_library_where_I_just_exported_the_traveling_library update for all the citations in the manuscript?

Hopefully, I’ve just missed something.


Greg Shenaut