How to stop re-sorting while pruning reference list


I have just started using Endnote and am facing the problem that when I try pruning the reference list, the list re-sorts on its own. Since it is a large list, I have to find my way back to the reference where I was before. Is there a way to stop the automatic sorting in Endnote ?



Which version of Endnote are you using?  ENX2 had a habit of jumping to the top after deleting.  This behavior was remedied in X3.  Otherwise, I don’t know what you mean by “resorting”. 


I am having the same problem as “How to stop re-sorting while pruning reference list” reported last year, and it’s driving me nuts.

Every time I delete a reference from the library, the entire list of references re-sorts itself into some random order.  For example, if I have the list alphabetized, then delete a reference, the list suddenly becomes re-ordered with no rhyme or reason.  This requires that I re-sort by clicking on  the Author column heading, but then it is sorted BACKWARDS alphabetically, and another click gets me re-sorted correctly, but having lost my place in the list.

I have EndNote 3, Windows 7.

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Laura, do you have EndNote 3 or EndNote X3?