How to toggle off the "Search library..." bar


So I pressed CTRL + F and now can’t seem to close the search tab. It’s probably just because I’m really, really stupid but any help is appreciated :smileyvery-happy:

it is pretty much always at the top of the library list screen.  you don’t close it. (I don’t think it opens with a ctrl+F, that just jumps you to the first box of search)  You can slide your library top up to cover it, but then when you can’t find it, you need to remember to slide it down again.  

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Hey Lymoz

To close the Search Library (CTRL+F) press >> button (Toolbar Option) situated right to the search box of the interface
You will find the option as show/hide search panel. Simply choose to hide the search panel.


Liyad Salem

That is great, Liyad!  I never knew that option!