I don't get the "et al." in the citations

Hey guys,

I want to have the following: Ardavin et al., 2003 but always get Ardavin, 2003 even if all boxes are ticked in the style editor.

The current style file ist attached and I really appreciate any help.



Immunity.ens (12.6 KB)

That style works okay for me.  Are your Authors correctly entered into the library Author Field?  there must be one author per line.  Best to put surname first.  All the below are acceptable ways to enter the names.  Finally, if that is what you have done, ensure your manuscript is using the style you think it is using.  It doesn’t use the one selected in the Endnote library view, it is using the one that shows in the dialogue box you see when you “Format Bibliography”. 

Ardavin, Arthur

Bodean, Bob

Cambell, C A

van der Feltz, M

de George, George

Uncle, B. Y.