Ibid does not appear in MLA 8


I just started using endnote X8 and while I cite, Ibid does not appear in in-text citation. It keeps repeating the full citation. Also, when I am using short titles, although I have entered it in capitals, in the text it comes in lower case. For eg. if I chose POS for prodcution of space, I have entered all three letters in upper case but in-text output goes “Pos”. Please help.

Based on the following website you do not use ibid in MLA:

Is using ibid. allowed for in-text citations? If so, how is it done?

MLA style avoids ibid. and op. cit., using short titles instead, on the principles that (1) a short title makes your reference clearer to readers, not requiring them to look back in text, notes, or documentation, with a groan, to find what exactly the abbreviation is pointing to, and that (2) the days of expecting an educated person to know Latin and Greek are over—i.e. and e.g. notwithstanding. QED.

Published 13 October 2016


In regards to the second issue if you on Windows you go to Edit then Preferences then Change Case you can add POS so that EndNote will not change it to Pos… On a MAC you go to the EndNote menu then Preferences then Change Case to add POS.