Ibid Problem

Hi everyone,

Yesterday when I saved my document and reopened it later the whole chapter of my thesis looked chaotic and not only my footnotes had changed to codes even my table of content and page numbers were distorted. There are tiny squares instead of reference numbers and all sort of other characters and codes. Anyway what I did was to copy paste parts I typed into the original chapter which I had an old copy of and tried to re-enter footnotes. But this time I am facing a new problem and that is endnote does not put ‘Ibid’ for repeated refrences. It looks like this:

[1]Hinnebusch, Raymond A.2003. The international politics of the middle east. Manchester: Manchester University Press. p. 1.

[2] ________. 2003. The international politics ofthe middle east. Manchester: ManchesterUniversity Press. 

So rather than inserting Ibid the author name is removed and the rest is there. I’m quite sure that the whole problem at first instance was related to Endnote that somehow messed up my chapter but the second bit maybe a result of me trying to sort out the first problem by playing with preferences etc.

Could anybody please advise how I can sort out this problem? (I use Turabian)

I very much appreciate your advice.


Please all Forum users, it helps to tell those of us who try to respond: Which version of Endnote and Word are you using and what OS? 

I suspect that the first problem was that “show field codes” had been inadvertantly activated, hence the effect on both the table of contents, page numbers and Endnote fields.  This is a Word function and had nothing to do with Endnote. If that is the case, Alt F9 should return the document to your expected appearance.

On the fix, I am not exactly sure what you did…

but I suggest you go back to the to the “version”  you thought was corrupted, and try to toggle the field code appearance off with Alt F9 and see if that fixes it. 

What did you change?  If you did alter the Truabian style during your fix, then download a new copy from the endnote.com support website.