'Ibid.' referring to the wrong reference in footnotes

Dear all,

I have this simple-sounding yet vexing problem in EndNote when using it in Word. The following is the case: I refer to secondary literature in a footnote, inserting it via my EndNote Library. In the same footnote, I then refer to a primary source (which I don’t have in EndNote). When I then put a next footnote and insert the same secondary literature reference again, EndNote automatically puts ‘Ibid.’, naturally not recognising that there is another reference (the primary source) in between. Obviously, this is a big problem as the reader will now think the ‘ibid.’ refers to the primary source.

I am sure there is a perfectly simple solution to this, just can’t think off it (apart from switching off the ‘Ibid.’ altogether, but that is not very elegant either). Inserting all my primary sources into EndNote isn’t a viable option either, as the vastly differing archive reference styles make it near impossible.

Hope someone can help! Thanks in advance,