IFP Energies nouvelles reference style

Does this reference style exists in EndNote? If not, where can I find it?

Bork O., Schlueter M., Raebiger N. (2005) The impact of local phenomena on mass transfer in gas-liquid systems, Can.
J. Chem. Eng. 83, 4, 658-666.



Requests for styles really require more than the journal bibliography entry.  One needs to know how to cite in the text, and what the requirements are for books and book chapters as well.  So it is best to provide a link to the authors instructions about references, or a more complete set of examples. 


but there are two options, non-superscripted numbers or (author, year) – and the journal, unlike your example appears to be in italics.  I adjusted the Cell output style to mimic the (Author, Year) instructions.  It is attached. 
Cell modified -IFP Energies nouvelles.ens (13.6 KB)

Thank you. Actually abbreviation does not work. I think the problem is with my software.

Abbreviation of Journal Terms?  You need to follow the instructions here (just once per library) and make sure you also turn off the two update options in edit>preferences for terms lists. 

Many thanks to you :slight_smile: