Import Filter for InformaWorld (web)

I’m trying to import this reference from the InformaWorld web site:

I click on Download Citation, choose format EndNote Direct Export, Citation and abstract and Download File. After I click Go I click on Open. I am then asked to Choose An Import Filter. I have tried different ones, RefMan RIS, Pubmed etc, but nothing happens after I click Choose. I have tried looking for an import filter for InformaWorld and/or Routledge/Taylor&Francis but can’t find one.

How do I fix this?

See if anything in this thread helps you. First, see if it works if you try a different browser. 

Unfortunately I can’t try other browsers. Our network only allows Internet Explorer 8.

Are other people here able to import the reference I linked to in my first post? Or is the problem on my network/computer?

I was able to download the Informaworld citation into EndNote (am using EndNote X4 with Windows 7 Professional and IE8). One major difference, though, is that I wasn’t prompted to select a filter as you were - but this may be due to different software versions or configurations.  After clicking GO then OPEN and allowing for EndNote to be activated the reference immediately downloaded into the EndNote library.

If you’re on a network you should check with the administrator if permission settings allow you to perform tasks such as this.

Thank you for checking!

I have now found the solution. I was missing the filter called EndNote Import. As soon as I put that filter in the Filters folder I could download from the web site.