Import Filters for Korean libraries

안녕하세요. Nice to see a specific Korean EndNote forum here. Ten years ago I, with the cooperation of two other grad students, used EndNote to publish The Harvard Korean Studies Bibliography on CD-ROM – providing a free ‘Reader’ version of the program on the CD itself. With the intro of Unicode at around the same time (to EndNote, I mean) it is now also a great tool for bibliographies that include titles in Korean, Japanese, and other Asian languages. So far so good. HOWEVER, I am disappointed about the missing of IMPORT FILTERS to work with Korean research libaries. Someone else here already mentioned KERIS/RISS (, and then there are so many others. Many do require accounts, as KERIS also does, but these are often ‘free’ accounts. If Thomson Reuters has gone as far as to open a specific Korean language forum here, then please go a step further and provide us with import filters. Thanks.

Also, has any user here possibly developed import filters for Korean research libraries? If so, may I suggest that these get posted here – as attachments – or send to the makers of EndNote.

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Frank Hoffmann


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This is Thomson Reuters Korea office.

I checked with KERIS and KERIS doesn’t support to connect with EndNote due to open IP problems.

Sorry, but can not connect KERIS in EndNote.

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