Import from SirsiDynix Symphony OPAC into EndNote

Hi, All

Our library has recently purchased a copy of EndNote X3 for testing purpose for our client.

The ILMS our library using is SirsiDynix Symphony 3.2.0

We are trying to figure out a way to import records direct from the OPAC into EndNote

while waiting for response from Sirsi Support, I thought I might give it try here.

Anyone can point us into the right direction?

Comprehensive procedures would be great

Thanks in advance



The SirsiDynix implementation of the Direct Export to EndNote is normally a site based implmentation.  I have contacted the Sirsi folks to see if they are interested in adding a module to their package that offers this export feature automatically.

In the mean time, we can create a filter that will import your Dynix data into EndNote.  A Dynix filter for the Australian Institute of Family Studies should work for you if not our filters expert can create a filter for your use.  Just put a request in to our filter request line at, and we will be happy to create that for your site.

Cheryl -RSContentAdmin

Thanks for the reply However I am unable to download the filter through the website, error messages came up Squid sent the following FTP command: RETR Aust Inst Fam Studies.enf and then received this reply Aust Inst Fam Studies.enf: The system cannot find the file specified. Could you please get it fix? Thanks a lot!

Hi again

I have managed to download the whole set of filters which includes the Australian Institute of Family Studies filter, however it is not compatible with our library catalogue

I will submit a filter request through the website.

Thanks for your help