Import from TRIP not working properly (no authors, other missing info)

I am trying to import references from TRIP (  I am exporting as .RIS (using EndNote X4 and Windows 7) and get a popup that asks me to open the file or save, I choose open and it imports the first 20 references: Year, Title, Journal, URL - no authors, no other publication info (vol, no., pages, doi, etc.).

My guess is it doesn’t pick the right import filter, but which one does it have to be?

If someone is familiar with the database: is there a way to download more than 20 references at a time?

Thank you.

Unfortunately, for a couple of random selections (including journal articles) as far as I can tell, the .RIS file from TRIP doesn’t include the authors, so it isn’t following the RIS format.

The good news is, if you import it, you can run “Find reference Updates” and it pulls the rest of the information…