Import from Web of Science with capitals

Usually I export records from Web of Science and import them in Endnote.

Some of the titles of the articles in Web of Science are written in capitals.

I try to adapt the Web of Science importfilter by telling it to edit the field in 'Sentence’capitalization, but that has no effect.

i think that the downoad helper uses another importfilter.

Does anyon know how to import Web of Science records without the title in capitals?

Thank you,


You need to edit the “ISI CE.enf” Import Filter which is set to not change capitalization by default.

Remember that EndNote will automatically rename the edited file “ISI CE-copy.enf” and save it in your user-defined Filter folder. You will likely need to change the name back to “ISI CE.enf.”

I just tried this in a quick test and it worked as expected - changing the WoS imported records to have “Headline Case” titles.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team