Import references from EndnoteWeb to ResearcherID

I try to import my publication list from EndnoteWeb to ResearcherID without success. Here what I have done:

In Endnote (7.2 desktop mac version) I have created a group set named ‘ResearcherID’ and inside a group named ‘My Publications’. I have synchronized my desktop library to EndnoteWeb library. The group My Publications is showing correctly in EndnoteWeb. I have created a profile using ResearcherID, I choose ‘Add’ in My Publications, it goes to EndnoteWeb, I return to ResearcherID, I refresh the page and nothing appears in ‘My Publications’ in ResearcherID.

What I do wrong ?



I have the same difficulty - my researcherid group set is missing in action in the endnote desktop, but remaking a researcher id groupset in endnote desktop does not make a group set in endnote web, rather it makes a group that researcher id does not utilise to update publications.

There doesn’t seem to be an option to make a researcherid groupset in endnote web?