Importing raw text bibliographies


I’ve been struggling to import bilbiographies in PDFs into an EndNote library. There are importing options to (presumably) do this but so far none have worked for me.

Below is a sample of the sort of structure to the bibliography I’m trying to import right now:

Manly, B.F.J.
1996 The statistical analysis of artefacts in graves: Presence and absence data.
Journal of Archaeological Science 23: 473-484.

Manning, P.
2005 Migration in world history. Themes in world history. New York: Routledge.

Martens, I.
1987 Iron extraction, settlement and trade in the Viking and early Middle Ages in
South Norway. In J.E. Knirk (ed.), Proceedings of the Tenth Viking Congress:
Larkollen, Norway, 1985. Universitetets oldsaksamlings skrifter ny rekke, nr.
9, 69-80. Oslo: Universitetets oldsaksamling.
1992 Some aspects of marginal settlement in Norway during the Viking Age and the
Middle Ages. In C. D. Morris and D. J. Rackham (eds.), Norse and later
settlement and subsistence in the North Atlantic, 1-8. Glasgow: University of

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Endnote’s website says this but you might prefer to read this previous threaddiscussing importing from a word processing file.

I guess you might apply it to a PDF file, after first converting the PDF text back to a word processing file.  A mix of books and journal articles will make your job more difficult as well. and these don’t seeme to be  consistently formated. 

I suggest you consider downloading the books from a University library database and the journals articles from a database like pubmed.  It will be much less error prone than trying to manipulate raw text.  Where did the PDF come from?