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I imported a reference in RIS to End Note X3 and some of the fields such as the conference field does not appear. I oppened the RIS file in notebook and has the following fields:

RIS format exported by Zotero

ID  - 148
T1  - The MAC unreliability problem in IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor networks
JF  - Proceedings of the 12th ACM international conference on Modeling, analysis and simulation of wireless and mobile systems
CY  - Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
M3  - 10.1145/1641804.1641839
A1  - Anastasi,Giuseppe
A1  - Conti,Marco
A1  - Francesco,Mario Di
PY  - 2009///
N2  - In recent years, the number of sensor network deployments for real-life applications has rapidly increased and it is expected to expand even more in the near future. Actually, for a credible deployment in a real environment three properties need to be fulfilled, i.e., energy efficiency, scalability and reliability. In this paper we focus on IEEE 802.15.4 sensor networks and show that they can suffer from a serious MAC unreliability problem, also in an ideal environment where transmission errors never occur. This problem arises whenever power management is enabled - for improving the energy efficiency - and results in a very low delivery ratio, even when the number of nodes in the network is very low (e.g., 5). We carried out an extensive analysis, based on simulations and real measurements, to investigate the ultimate reasons of this problem. We found that it is caused by the default MAC parameter setting suggested by the 802.15.4 standard. We also found that, with a more appropriate parameter setting, it is possible to achieve the desired level of reliability (as well as a better energy efficiency). However, in some scenarios this is possible only by choosing parameter values formally not allowed by the standard.
KW  - energy efficiency
KW  - ieee 802.15.4
KW  - MAC protocol
KW  - reliability
KW  - scalability
KW  - sensor networks
SP  - 196
EP  - 203
SN  - 978-1-60558-616-8
UR  -
ER  -

As you can see the conference name appears with cappital letters JF in there but not in the endnote system when importing the file. Is this a bug?

When you look at the import filter is the JF tag connected to a field in the library record?  If so, is it connected to the correct field?

How do I look the RIS importer filter?

I am new in endnote and I am just using the option: File | Import | Import Option: Reference Manager (RIS)

Hello Rod,

The JF tag is not used in the Conference Proceedings RIS data format.  I have updated the filter for you so that you can correctly import this data into your EndNote library. 

You must place this file in the My Documents/EndNote/Filters  folder on your harddrive and then it will be accessible when you select File/Import in EndNote.

Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance.

Cheryl -RSContentAdmin
RefMan RIS-Zotero.enf (37.9 KB)

Hi Rod,

Attached is an RIS-based Zotero filter which should work for your conference proceedings.  Please give it a try and if it doesn’t work, send me the Zotero RIS output file and I will tryto improve the filter for you.

Kind regards,

Jeff Jackson

Zotero RIS.enf (37.9 KB)

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Thanks both of them worked