Improve Navigation in online interface

While using my online account I came across a really annoying ‘user interface’ issue.

When viewing a record, if there is a URL in the record, a “Go To URL” button is displayed at the top of the screen, if there is not one, it does not appear, so the whole screen shifts up to fill the gap.

If you are stepping through records by using the arrow buttons, they move up and down on the screen due to this button appearing and disappearing. So you cannot simply keep your mouse in the same place and just click to skip through records.

More worrying, if you do keep your mouse in the same place and keep clicking, the “Delete” button sometimes appears under the mouse position, instead of the navigation button, so you can accidentally delete records. Not good design!

So maybe the “Go To URL” button needs to be moved below the navigation buttons, so they keep their position regardless of record content. This should be a simple code change and would save a lot of user grief and frustration.