Improved CWYW search interface

Cite-while-you-write is a really fantastic feature.  However, when using the CWYW search engine in MS Word it comes back with so many citations at times that it is practically useless.  I just had to do a seach for a paper by an author name “Li” in a database with 3,212 references.  My search in CWYW retrieved 3,141 suggestions, or 98% of my database.  Not a very helpful search!

Now I fully realize that there is no shortage of authors in the world named Li but I think CWYW also looks for sub-strings of “li” such that it also picks up authors named “Liu” or “Collins” and so on.  Can’t we get some features that can make a search a little more granular, like the ability to search on first authors only or the exact name?  Or perhaps a date range so if you know the paper was published fairly recently you can search on “Li” and date >= 2012?

this is why I never use the find citation.  I always jump to the endnote library and do my search there.  – this has been a problem for ever with that interface!  It searches all fields with a “contains” parameter.  not just authors!