improvement ideas for x7.1 on Surface Pro 3

  1. make a modern interface for viewing PDFs.

  2. move the scroll bar on the reference viewer to the left side or right side (make it a preference so when using a stylus to highlight, your palm doesn’t trigger a page down)

  3. Improvement with the Surface Pro 3 stylus recognizing sentences. 

I actually prefer not having free text and being forced to either highlight or underline.

  1. a way to undo the highlight

  2. a way to undo the underline

  • currently the only way I can see to undo the underlines or highlights is to revert to last save of the PDF.

Multiple underlines cause a more bolder version / thicker underline.  This is fine… just make a way to undo it.

Hurry up and a make a modern Endnote interface for Windows 8.1. More touch friendly, etch.

Get all of your developers Surface Pro 3 to carry around.  It’s a full PC in tablet form. 

Steal some ideas from Microsoft OneNote for annotating with a stylus on surface pro3

Every academic should own a surface pro 3. This device is amazing. 

Endnote should become more touch friendly for at least a stylus.

This is the old surface but much still applies